Optimizing Story Time


Reading with your child is not only a fun and interactive experience but also a very beneficial activity that can foster language and literacy skills.  So pick up your child’s favorite book, find a comfortable spot and begin reading today.


Benefits of reading with your child:

- Spending quality time with your child

- Creating an early interest and appreciation for reading

- Exposing your child to pre-literacy skills (vocabulary, print awareness, narrative skills, phonological awareness, letter knowledge, etc.)

- Laying down a foundation for developing literacy skills later (reading, writing, comprehension, fluency, etc.)

- Encouraging your child to use their imagination and other thinking skills

- Facilitating listening skills


Things to try when reading with your child:

- Try and refrain from asking simple “yes” and “no” questions about the pictures in the book

- Facilitate language by asking open-ended questions

- Using books without words (wordless books) to encourage your child to tell/create their own story

- Create a special day for you and your child to take a trip to the library

- Download interactive books on your computer, kindle, or iPad

- Act out the stories that you have read

- Have your child write and illustrate their own storybook

- Ask your child what they think will happen next in the story


Happy Reading!


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