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Utilizing Social Stories to Facilitate and Empower Children with Autism

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012


Many professionals are currently using or suggesting the use of social stories with children with autism.  A social story can be a simple way to approach difficult social situations.  They are simply a written or visual guide to help describe or prepare children as they enter different environments or engage in a variety of new social interactions.  They may also be helpful when trying to decrease difficult behaviors, or even to help children learn new concepts.


Maybe your child has a difficult time using public restrooms, eating lunch in the school cafeteria, sitting quietly in the library, playing appropriatley with their friends, or even just getting ready in the morning.  If so, try creating a social story to help them learn what is appropriate and to help them become more successful.


Below we have listed a variety of different resources you may find helpful when creating your first social story for your child.