iLs Webinar for Parents



Have you been wondering about the Integrated Listening System?


The Integrated Listening System will be hosting an introductory webinar for parents this Thursday, April 12th at 9:00 am.  If you miss or can’t attend this webinar, don’t worry.  They are offering another webinar for parents Thursday, April 26th at 11:00am.


The webinar will be a great way to learn about the iLs methodology as well as the equipment they use.  They will be covering topics like: how it works, who can benefit, supporting research, program structure and costs.  They have also allotted time at the end of the session to answer any questions you may have.


If you have any other questions you can visit their website.


Exciting news!  We utilize the iLs at Pathways to Communication.  Please contact us to see if your child could benefit from the iLs.



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