Pathways to Communication

Reaching and Teaching One Unique Mind at A Time

Speech and Language Therapy

Pathways to Communication offers individualized, caring, person-centered speech and language therapies. Therapy is evidence-based, supported by up to date research and requires an ongoing commitment to continuing education. We are relationship-based and foster your child’s self esteem and confidence.


Person centered = We strive to bring success to each individual as defined by that individual


Location info:  We have a warm inviting suite of offices for children and families in the heart of Juanita Beach in Kirkland. This fabulous location enables you to take your child to the beach park or enjoy the many other amenities close by.

Specializing in Helping Children with Speech and Language Disorders

Who We Are

We help children who are late talkers, have articulation disorders, language delays, syndromes, neurological disorders, stuttering, social communication challenges among many others.

Pathways to Communication is a group of highly motivated Speech and Language pathologists (SLPs) with extensive training and experience with the most current and up-to-date therapies available. We are trained in a variety of therapeutic treatments and design cohesive treatment plans tailored to each child.

Our Philosophy

We are dedicated to developing the trust of each child and their families to build positive relationships and encourage meaningful interactions, so the child can foster new skills. 


We believe that when you gain a child’s trust and attention, you have engagement. And when you have engagement, meaningful communication will occur.

Summary of Specialized Speech and Language Services

We work with you to collectively decide what the best therapy and schedule is for your child. It changes over time. Children are dynamic, and speech therapy must be a dynamic process. To meet their changing needs, we integrate creative treatment methods with each interaction with each child.


“ My son has seen several speech therapists in his 19 years of therapies, but he has been at this practice the longest, seeing Darcy and Ashley for at least 6 or 7 years now.  He has a profound speech disability, and the coaching and therapy he has received at Pathways have brought him light-years forward.  The therapists are highly skilled, creative, kind and personable...

Pathways to Communication is right for you and your child if:
  • You see your child as they are, love them as they are, and understand the need to meet them where they are currently before focusing on the long-term goal.

  • You desire relationship-based therapy that is adapted to the unique needs of your child

  • You understand your child’s progress is dependent upon a holistic approach and collaboration with you and PTC as well as other service providers

  • You prefer teaching through social interaction and joint focus (as opposed to the use of food rewards)

  • You are open to using alternative and augmentative communication  as a precursor to helping your child talk