Attendance Policy

We understand that life happens, and cancellations need to occur when emergencies arise and when a child is ill. Please review our cancellation policy.


If our cancellation or attendance policy is abused, we reserve the right to cancel further therapy sessions. 

Cancellations and Scheduling Changes

Before making commitments around an unconfirmed new time, please check with us PRIOR to ensure we have a time slot. Please understand if you request a different time, we may not have other times available for several months



Please contact us via email at for all cancellations and scheduling changes. This is the best way to notify us as we are frequently with clients during the day.


  1. Please cancel 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged. We cannot bill this to your insurance and you are responsible for payment to PTC.

  2. Cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance of the scheduled session will incur a Cancellation Fee at 75% of your regular visit cost. 

  3. Cancellations should be done via email only



Pre-planned absences: 


Please allow us as much time as possible when you are planning a family get away.  We strongly encourage time away and breaks from therapy as needed and will work with you on life events.  It is important that we are given advanced notice, ideally several weeks so that we may schedule the time slots. If you are planning an extended absence for camps and special programs, we can attempt to reschedule after the program ends but cannot guarantee a time slot will still be available after three or more weeks of absence.


Make up sessions: 


In the case of absence (child or therapist) we will make every effort to reschedule an extra visit upon request. 


Scheduling Alternatives: 


If your schedule it not conducive to attending consistently and you alert us, we are able to accommodate a number of periodic appointments by scheduling on a week-to-week basis. 


Late Pickups: 


Traffic in the Puget Sound can be quite congested after school. Please account for this when dropping off and picking up your child. We require parents/guardians to return 20 minutes prior to the end of the session.  We encourage you to stay on site or nearby.  We will charge ($15) for late pickups, five minutes after session end. Please be aware that late pickups also infringe on other children’s therapy time.

No Shows:


All “no-show” visits will be charged at your regular visit cost. PTC reserves the right to terminate services for excessive missed visits. Excessive missed visits equal 4 or more scheduled sessions that are missed within 3 consecutive months) PTC reserves the right to terminate services for excessive late pick up.


PTC’s attendance policy applies to all clients regardless of payment status. If your insurance is being billed for services, you will still be responsible for out of pocket payment due to “no shows” and “late cancellations.”