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Speech Therapy Appointment

We Are Restructuring 

You can request a registration form prior to your initial session and email it back or bring it with you. 

 If you would like to review the registration form please select this link registration forms. 

While covid has changed the SLP landscape in our area and currently we are experiencing a shortage of SLP's, we are hopeful that as we emerge from the pandemic that new solutions and services delivery models will be developed.


We are restructuring and appreciate your patience. Please know that we value you and your child.

Online services are available. In person services are intermittent.  If your child has multiple therapies, a consultation and sharing of information and recommendations can be useful. Please contact to inquire regarding availability.


Online speech and language services are not for everyone however they can bridge a gap. For some children they are tremendously helpful. Working on articulation and language for example is sometimes more efficient online and we cover more territory. For other children they do better in person. For children who are unable to attend online, we work through a caregiver.  Parent coaching is a highly effective method. We are not able to make any recommendation however without an evaluation and review of what the needs of you and your child are. 


One service delivery model does not fit all children. If you would like to discuss whether online services or a hybrid model works for you, or try it out, please inquire. 


Cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance of the scheduled session will incur a Cancellation Fee. See Cancellation Policy for details”

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