Augmentative Communication Devices and Techniques

We believe that every child has the competence to be a successful communicator when met at an appropriate level and given the proper augmentative and alternative system. This may incorporate the use of a high-tech device and/or combining low tech picture boards and visual schedules to supplement.

Augmentative and/or assisted communication devices are aimed at giving children a voice and a way to be heard and engage in conversations with others. As part of the evaluation process, our therapists will document the foundation of skills and needs of your child. We may then implement the use of high-tech and low-tech devices or strategies including the Dynavox, Tobi, iTouch & iPad applications. Other strategies and techniques include, but are not limited to, communication boards, paper and pencil techniques to draw pictures and schedules for your child, Picture Exchange Communication System, and social stories. Augmentative communication is a large field unto itself.

For state of the art devices, which may include using eye gaze to activate voice output messages, we refer to clinics and specialists to determine the right device for your child.


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