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Integrated Listening Systems

The iLs program is a multi-sensory technique which is intended to strengthen existing pathways and create new neural connections in the brain. The exercises can have a wide range of effects on the brain, which can influence the body's systems such as balance, vision, hearing, motor skills, coordination and emotions. This technique is aimed at benefiting a variety of conditions including: sensory processing, speech and language, neuro-developmental difficulties as well as learning difficulties.

We have both the Pro System and Focus Systems onsite for use during therapy sessions and can be sampled in the clinic for free to determine if your child is a suitable candidate (systems can be rented or purchased here at the clinic.) We encourage parents to consult with other parents, watch free webinars and examine the research prior to starting this program as it requires a consistent time commitment at home. The iLs website provides a variety of information to assist parents in determining whether it is something they may want to explore for your child. This decision is always left to the parents and we are happy to discuss this option with you.

Darcy Kelley has taken the advanced training at iLs in Denver, allowing the clinic to use the Pro System onsite. For more information, please see


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