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What to expect from speech and language therapy

Placeholder for future topics. Many don't know what to expect when they start their child in therapy…

● "Clients who just want their kid to talk” and aren't willing to try alternative and augmentative communication.

● there is a difference between what one understands and can say when they are just beginning the Therapy journey. This will assist in expressing what their child's primary struggles are, other than he can't communicate, or he stutters

● -Speech and language milestones

● -Articulation and sound milestones

● -Integrating therapy into home-based activities

● -Creating a therapy team for my child

● Floor time activities to expand communication skills with your child at home

● Everyday items you can use to help your child communicate

● Working communication goals into everyday activities

● Making a home program work

● Upcoming events for families dealing with dyspraxia, dysarthria, cerebral palsy

● New treatments emerging for autism, sensory integration disorder,

● Thinking outside of the box to treat your child's communication disorder

● Using movement therapy to treat ADHD, ADD, Autism

● What is PROMPT therapy and how can it help

● What is Visual Cueing and how might it help

● Why signing with my child can help language development?

● Sign language, Why?

● My child is starting to stutter, what do I do, how do I react, what do I tell teachers

● How are dogs used in language therapy, reading therapy, selective mutism treatment, autism?

● What is Integrative Movement Therapy?

● What is PROMPT therapy.

● My child is afraid of people and other children, how do I handle this


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