Certified Speech and Language Pathologists

Darcy Kelley - MA, CCC-SLP,

State Licensed and Nationally Certified Speech and Language Pathologist

“This isn’t a job, this is a passion. “


Darcy Kelley is the owner and founder of Pathways to Communication and has over twenty five years of experience as a Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP). She began her journey helping children in special education and eventually found her passion in speech and language therapy. She has worked with children from infants to young adults.  Prior practice settings include preschool, elementary and high schools, multidisciplinary centers and private practice.


With her goal of treating the child as a whole, Darcy has continued her education over the years in order to provide a holistic approach to therapy for her clients. Her studies and training have been vast and address a variety of speech and language disorders.  Areas of expertise includes specialized areas as PROMPT training; and pediatric neurodevelopmental treatment (NDT). 

Speech and language pathologists are required to complete continuing education requirements at regular intervals and learning never stops. 

Darcy has taught in special needs preschool classrooms in neurodevelopmental centers, worked on curriculum development in the public school system. Early on she worked on research projects during summer breaks from her school positions at the University of Washington. These experiences have enhanced her ability to evaluate the whole child and work closely with families and teams. 





“When your child is in need you want to find someone who has depth of experience, up-to-date information, and the ability to help you navigate through the problem. You will find these qualities in Darcy Kelley. She is one of a kind and an asset to the profession of Speech Pathology as well as the families she serves. I recommend Darcy with confidence to families who live on the east side”


— Carol Lorioux Loup, Speech Language Pathologist at Clear Speech Inc

Brittany Olsen - MA, CCC-SLP,
State Licensed and Nationally Certified Speech and Language Pathologist


Brittany is a passionate therapist who will meet you with a smile and a confident voice. She shares what your child is working on and wants to engage parents and their child in the therapy process. Her analytical strengths make her excellent in augmentative communication and reading intervention/therapy. She is very sensitive and wants to know what your preferences are. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and ideas with families and continually seeks out continuing education having earned numerous ACE and ASHA (Awards for Continuing Ed from the American Speech and Hearing Association) awards. Her linguistic degree lends to her ability to switch between a play-based approach and an analytical approach such as that needed for reading.

Brittany has a passion for working with children with reading challenges and believes that all children benefit from access to books and appropriate literacy curricula, regardless of age or cognitive ability.

Prior to becoming a Speech-Language Pathologist she worked with children in special education classrooms, as an in-home tutor, and at University of Washington and University of Oregon research laboratories. She completed her clinical fellowship year in 2009 and obtained her Master of Science in Medical Speech Language Pathology from the University of Washington in 2010. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics from the University of Oregon, and a Bachelor of Science in Speech and Hearing Sciences from the University of Washington.


Brittany has a hidden talent for creating things from scratch. She crochets anything from a coffee sleeve to an intricate sweater, and dyes and weaves her own yarn. This creativity lends itself to thinking outside the box, a critical skill to becoming a master therapist. She lives with her husband and daughter on Whidbey Island.




“Brittany has been incredible and transformative SLP for our son. She has been teaching him for 5 years now. What we love most about Brittany is that she is always very practical in terms of what steps she wants our son to take – but somehow manages to do this through play. Many times our kiddos’ time is just overtaken by the massive amount of therapy and work they need to do. So, it’s such a relief when you have a therapist that makes learning fun. She is also very positive about our son and focuses on his strengths while being completely realistic about his challenges. She is a great SLP !”