Kids in Preschool

Speech Therapy Services

At Pathways to Communication, we provide individual therapy tailored to what each child and family needs at any given point in time. 

Home and School Visits

We offer home and school visits to periodically coordinate with parents, teachers, and other professionals involved to provide a more holistic therapy.


Several types of consultations are available for you to bring your child and brainstorm together with a specific SLP. Many families appreciate being able to sit down with someone with their child and get ideas of what resources within the speech and language realm they may want to pursue.


Sometimes families whose children have graduated from therapy (or moved to other programs) wish to get periodic consultations and follow-up for their child. Consultations may vary from one-time evaluations to a series of reviews.

Communication Evaluations

We conduct a comprehensive evaluation including parent interviews, reviews of outside documents, speech and language sampling techniques, and standardized tests to assess the child holistically and determine their current skills.

Therapy Service

We tailor one-on-one therapy to meet your child’s individual and communication needs. We implement traditional as well as non-traditional methods of treatment and use a variety of social engagement techniques and materials to facilitate communication and interaction. 

Does your child struggle with language comprehension or have difficulty articulating? Our hybrid model may work for you. We work will all ages.  

Our sessions are neither completely child led nor therapist led. They are a combination and a back and forth exchange of communication.  No two children have an identical therapy session. Therapy is a dynamic, week-to-week development of skills and exchange of ideas and information.

With the permission of the family, we exchange information and consult with other therapists (e.g., school speech and language pathologists, ABA therapists and tutors, occupational and physical therapists and teachers). This helps us provide your child with more holistic therapy. Many of the children we see also receive other types of therapy; we supplement existing therapy and avoid duplication of treatment.

Developing Augmentative and Alternative Communication

For children who are unable to produce or understand language, we use alternative forms of communication such as pictures, books, speech generating devices, gestures, etc., to help them enhance and develop their communication skills. 

Sign language can assist in bridging a gap when children are learning to talk or have unintelligible speech. 

Boy Playing with Blocks