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Speech Therapy Techniques

At Pathways to Communication, we provide individual therapy tailored to what each child and family needs at any given point in time. 

Language techniques

The most current and up-to-date techniques

There are exciting developments in the treatment of speech and language disorders, and SLPs at Pathways to Communication are continually seeking new interventions and techniques. We are trained and experienced in using treatments supported by current research while applying our professional expertise to use techniques that best fit your child’s unique needs. Be assured that there are many available techniques that can be used, either individually or in combination with each other.


Once it has been determined that speech and language therapy will benefit your child, you may be referred to a specific onsite therapist, or, we may refer to other agencies. We do not believe any organization can meet the needs of all children; finding the right fit for your child and your family is what is most important.

Listed below are some (but not all) of the therapeutic techniques we utilize as we work with your child.





Cued Speech

Integrated Listening Systems 

Neurodevelopmental Treatment (NDT) 

Sign Language 

Visual Language Support 

Augmentative Communication Devices and Techniques 

Pre-literacy and Literacy/reading programs

Counselling regarding speech and language disorders 

Therapeutic Techniques

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