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What people say about us 

“My son has seen several speech therapists in his 19 years of therapies, but he has been at this practice the longest, seeing Darcy and Ashley for at least 6 or 7 years now.  He has a profound speech disability, and the coaching and therapy he has received at Pathways have brought him light-years forward.  The therapists are highly skilled, creative, kind and personable.  As my son has grown out of the "pediatric" realm, they have been very adaptive, creating age-appropriate therapies and strategies for him, always keeping him interested in attending his sessions, intellectually and physically challenged and motivated to continue improving.  My son's disability will be with him always, but the tools and strategies he has learned, and continues to learn, from his therapists at Pathways have allowed him to communicate effectively with family, friends, teachers and the outside world and will serve him well throughout his life.” 


“In 20+ years of training, coaching and motivating sales, administrative and production teams to exceed their goals, I've learned one thing: if it isn't fun, it doesn't get done. Darcy Kelley applies this maxim to her audience as a speech pathologist. For her, work has to become play if real learning is to be accomplished. Her care and concern for clients extends well beyond the session and the inevitable reporting, she makes sure to "connect" as well. Making it fun means the kids get things done. Darcy's ability to connect the dots outlines pathways for communication for her clients and their families. I hope you're lucky enough to work with her.”


—Jerry Masters, Valley Supply Co.



“When your child is in need you want to find someone who has depth of experience, up-to-date information, and the ability to help you navigate through the problem. You will find these qualities in Darcy Kelley. She is one of a kind and an asset to the profession of Speech Pathology as well as the families she serves. I recommend Darcy with confidence to families who live on the east side.”


—Carol Lorioux Loup, Speech Language Pathologist at Clear Speech Inc.



“I've had the privilege of observing Darcy in some of her therapy sessions with children. I'm amazed at what this dedicated professional can accomplish. Her commitment to her community is off the charts. I've seen first hand what she can accomplish in one therapy session with a child that appears unreachable. She makes a difference. As a professional dog trainer who specializes in pet therapy I also have so much respect for how she incorporates her own dog into her therapy sessions. Darcy is not afraid to let the dog do some of the work that we humans may not be able to understand but the connections with the children she serves is so obvious. Kudos to her dog as well! I would not hesitate to recommend Darcy to anyone with a child that has special needs.”


—Becky Bishop, Owner, Puppy Manners, Executive Director Reading With Rover




“We brought our 3-year-old son to Darcy Kelley, MA, CCC-SLP for an evaluation on the recommendation of our Microsoft autism community. Our entire experience working with Darcy has been positive, professional, and impressive. When Darcy first met our son, she was warm and welcoming which helped with my son significantly with going to the next session. In fact, our son really enjoyed spending time with Darcy now. He loves her! Darcy came up with an excellent treatment plan for our son concentrating on social aspect of the language development. Her sessions are so welcoming, she is always well-prepared and has a plan for the lesson. Our son knows now that we go to Darcy, loves the place and the game time. Darcy not just teaching Dima new vocabulary through the game, but she also helps me to deal with difficult situations advising on how to play\deal with autistic child \ situation to handle it better and to increase vocabulary. We’re so blessed to find her!”

—NK, Redmond WA


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